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 A model for purifying wastewater in country areas
Through activated sluge to a vegetable sewage plant
Kläranlage Düsseldorf / Ilverich

Invisible clearing or purifying microbes (sewage plant agents), made visible by pouring them into asphalt. Via the museum as an intermediate station (“Activated Sludge”- exhibition hothouse 5 at the Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf), these microbes were taken to their real field of activity and here, on site, developed further into a functional vegetable sewage plant, a trial model with three stages of purification, on the area of the technical sewage plant Düsseldorf Nord. Six years successful research by the university of RWTH Aachen.
A sewage plant on the sewage plant, to connect the otherwise separate special branches of art, research, technology and nature by means of joint and equal use.
You can find more details about this project on the german page.
(Art Price Ecology/ Germany) 

Foto Hubert Nienhaus
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