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“Dynamic Reflection” - carpet bedding of cat’s eye reflectors - 
Katjes-Fassin / Emmerich
This work is conceived as a sequel and counterpart of my Düsseldorf outdoor work ‘Parterre de Broderie with Building Rubble’ at museum kunst palast, Ehrenhof (exhibition ‘hell-gruen’/light green). While the Düsseldorf ‘Parterre de Broderie with Building Rubble’ (‘broderie’ = embroidery, ‘par terre’ = on the ground) represents a modification, in terms of form and material, of a detail of the classical carpet bedding by Girard, with the curved pattern and the recycled building rubble conceived as an answer to the architectural situation at the Ehrenhof, the work here plays with the context of an industrial estate.
Functional halls, office container architecture, traffic routes, production and production sequences, workers, administration, technology, mass production, logistics, the environment of a successful enterprise and the corresponding complexity and dynamism of such a network involving global markets, consumer behaviour, the emergence of requirements, environmental integration etc. inspired me to draw from the ‘language of arrows’.
The arrows are borrowed from the contexts of physics, concepts of interaction, traffic, with arrows representing orders, movements, directions, interconnections, relationships and processes - arrows which demonstrate notions of interconnectivity and interdependence.
For this setting the arrows are enlarged, framed in metal, affixed to the lawn and filled with large numbers of orange-coloured cat’s eye reflectors, like a picture, a kind of fuel for dynamic processes. This ‘carpet bedding’, deliberately endowed with a technical air in line with its industrial context, is ‘embroidered’ or filled with bicycle reflectors whose colourful reflecting properties appealed to me and which furthermore bear a relationship with the company Katjes Fassin itself through an amusing name similarity (cat’s eye), as well as being reminiscent, with a view to their original purpose, of the local bicycle region and the neighbouring Netherlands (associated with the colour orange).
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