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Mobile Garden 


A building, especially an urban one, does not necessarily have a surrounding in the form of a garden. So how can we find an answer or some solution to the absent greenery in our time where mobility, roads, car parks and so on have first priority? By making the green mobile.
This is the prototype of my garden mobile. This ‘mobile sculpture’ made of particular plants, turns the otherwise immobile clod of earth into something movable. In a mixed planting, kitchen-garden, herbal, decorative and aesthetic garden are combined into a miniature landscape; take-away, transportable.
Apart from the mobility of this ‘travelling garden’, this piece of work is offering a new approach to deal with sealed-up surfaces, squares, driveways and parking-lots.
The removal of a parking-lot runs up costs of approx. 25.000,- Euros. Robbed of green spaces and heavily tarmacked for our age of mobility, green re-introduced by means of this mobile garden, temporarily parkable like a car.
For a certain time and charge, this garden can be hired like a rental car. The charges compare to those of a mid-range car. Requirement is an automobile equipped with a trailer, the payment of a rental and insurance fee, good treatment, (care and watering), as well as sunny, cobbled roads, places or parking-lots.
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