Ulrike Holthöfer
sculptures and objects,
projects and concepts,

The intention of Ulrike Holthöfer

My artwork compounds a multitude of projects, sculptures, drawings, paintings and unique prints out of different natural and industrial materials. Some of them are for reflecting our living conditions, others are a research for changes and to complete the lack of natural beauty.  
In my projects I am working with and on existing structures of landscape. Not only in the sense to serve these structures with the aesthetic productions of art but with the intention to research and open new rooms of activity, form comprehensive areas and ways, ideally to work into structures, step out of specialization into interdisciplinary exchange, to think over the relationship of structure, product and effects of our capital-orientated economic system.
With the increasing speed of reproduction and information, with more and more unlocatable, untouchable decisions of society and the spreading of media-technology, room for grounded thoughts and direct activities is limited. Personal experience and development is restricted, at best simulated (knowledge without touch).
My aim is searching for new integral spheres of activity, every-day-places of immediate, constructive connections. My immaterial working-materials are the invisible processes which surround things, which let them be and grow. Sculpture is an interim result of self-determination and reciprocal research, and becomes a catalyst get in function to change the conditions.
Future depends on how we compose our direct surroundings on the ecological, creative and aesthetic level. The realized ideas are done to motivate and show examples for necessary changes in our society. They like to inspire companies, communities and future orientated organisations, private persons and all sentient beings, to get in an active touch with these works and ideas. 
© Ulrike Holthöfer (VG Bild-Kunst)