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"planing a new Malkasten" /Jacoby garden Düsseldorf 

22000 m² historical garden, in the center of Düsseldorf, in possession of the artist association "Malkasten". Out of financial difficulties they decided to built up a hotel and office buildings, breaking down the historical envirement. This decission was surported by the politicians of Düsseldorf. 
Therefore we founded a new association to rescue this beautiful area. Only a juristic intervention stopped the demolition. Thereon  younger artists took over the old association and three of us  (T.Enge, U.Holthöfer, U.Sappok) developed a new concept for this place. This idea was supported by the NRW Foundation to rebuilt the historical situation. A transparent planing office was opened up onside and a interdisciplinary group of artists, economic scientists  of  the university Witten-Herdecke and McKinsey (pro bono project) tried to develope a company guided by the creative mind of artists. The "Malkasten" is predesposed to open up his privaty state to work out new forms of  polity and  public like a hinge inbetween art and society. 

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