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 „urban recycling“ - a model for reconnecting  micro-
and macrostructures

Industriedenkmal Klärwerk Lörick/ Düsseldorf

Foto Hubert Nienhaus
A project at my working place, the converted sewage plant Düsseldorf / Lörick:

1) in the form of a clay model (2,40x1,30x1,20m) as a model for the present situation, explaining the immateriell environmental structures for a change to overcome the distance between local and urban governance .
2) With the wish to interact in the current urban replannings.
3) The consortium sewage Lörick (artist, architect, filmmaker) tries to integrate the on-site experience  into the future plannings.

The city  Dusseldorf didn’t accept our offer, while the state of NRW, and the management of the IBA recognized this model as very necessary for future consideration.
One part of the administration building is converted to the ART-TREATMENT PLANT. (Catalog) Sponsored by the Cultural Department Dusseldorf and the Art and Culture Foundation North Rhine-Westphalia.

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