Ulrike Holthöfer
sculptures and objects,
projects and concepts,
1959 Born Herzebrock, Westphalia, Germany, childhood in Velen
1979-82 School of woodcarving Bischofsheim/ Rhoen (letter of journeyman)
Study trips to Sizilien, Tunesien, Calabrien
1983-86  Studies of free art at the university of Kassel with Prof. Harry Kramer

“Staedte-Fluten” (Cities-Floods), 16 mm film & objects, projects with A.&T.
“Architekturzeichen fuer eine Metropole” (Architectural signs for a metropolis)
with A.Kufus, H.M & M.M, Technical University Berlin

1985 Grant of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation
“Kunstszene Kassel” (Artscene Kassel), “Kasseller Künstler” (Artists in Kassel)
1986 „Blauer Sessel“ (Blue Armchair), „Kellerfensterschrank“ (Basement-window-wardrope)
„Wohnen von Sinnen“ (living of senses) Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf,
Bonefanten-Museum, Maastricht/ Netherland with A.Kufus
1986-89 Studies of free art/ sculpture at the academy of Düsseldorf with Prof. Klaus Rinke
1987 „Fragmente aus 4 Heimaten“ (Fragments of 4 Homes): Objects
„Pferd und Reiter“ (Horse and rider): Asphaltintarsies in Salzgitter/ Germany
1988 „offener Raum“ (Open Room) selforganized, interdisziplinary „Round-Table-Talk“
at the Academy of Arts/ Düsseldorf, attempt to reopen the Joseph Beuys-Room
“Notausgang” (Emergency-Exit) Industrial Fair of Hannover
Masterdegree of arts with Prof. Klaus Rinke/ Academy Düsseldorf
Travelling-grant for the Republic of Cabo Verde, West Afrika
Project “Care-Pakete in die Zone West” (care-packets into zone west)
Booklet “Beobachtungen zu einer Reise” (Observations at a journey)
„Pro Creol fordert Licht fuer die Fische“ (Pro Creol demands light for the fish) 
1989 „Codierung“ (Codeing) University of Nordrhine-Westphalia/ Germany
“Schatzkaestchen und Kabinettschrank” Kunstmuseum Berlin
“Schwamm drüber” (Sponge over it) Building-cleaning-service/ Remscheid
Since 1989 Tests with ateliers outside urban artist-getthos, exposition with local administration, atelier and working-place at the water-cleaning-plant Düsseldorf, attempt to transplant artistic work into the working-space of so-called “ordinary” workers to generate mutural exchange.
1990 “Marktstand” (Market stand) instrument for the revitalisation of direct marketing City-Hall of Velen.
“Belebtschlamm im Treibhaus 5” (Living mud in hot-house 5) Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf,
“Skupltur im Dorf” (Sculpture in the village) with WDR (German Broadcasting)
„Über Belebtschlamm zur Pflanzenklaeranlage“ (Through living mud to a plantal cleaning-system) demonstrational booklet for cleaning-plant-workers, documentary  booklet, further development, 6 years research/ RWTH Aachen, Ecological artprice Germany
1990-92  Postgraduate grant at the Institute for the new medias with Prof. Peter Weibel
Frankfurt/ Germany
1991 „Transfer“ Guestatelier in Dresden,
„Denk-Modell“ (Think-Model) Kunstverein Schaffhausen/ Switzerland with G.Frey,
„Hardware Denk-Modell“ Museum Castle of Oberhausen,
„Ein-Richtung West“ (one direction: West) Kunsthalle Rostock
1991-93  „Denk-Modell“ (Think-Model) as connection between micro- and macro-structures, development of technologies to work into communal planing and organisational structures. Reshaping of the technical areal of the former water-plant in Düsseldorf/ Loerick. Art and culture Foundation NRW
1992 Co-founder of the initiative “Rettet den Malkasten” restructuring of one of the continents’ oldest and reknown artist-societies/ Düsseldorf, blocking the planned building of a hotel on the side of the famous “Jacobi-Garden”.
Price-winner for art/ sculpture city of Duesseldorf
Inauguration of “Ueber Belebtschlamm zur Pflanzenklaeranlage, “Klaerwerk auf Klaerwerk“ (wastewater purifying art work on a severage plant)  opening with Armin Zweite.
1993 “Aufenthalt” (Stay) Förderpreis (Advance-price) project at the Museum fuer Volk und Wirtschaft/ Düsseldorf
Grant of Nordrhine-Westfalia for „Garten als Skulptur“ (Garden as sculpture)
Artist-Village Schoeppingen.
International workshop Goethe Institut „Symbosis art and technology“ in Bratislava/ Slovakia
„Freiwillig ins Rathhaus“ (into the city-hall by free will) City-Hall of Vreden
“the base of our existence are emigrants” travel grant of DAAD (German Academic-Exchange Service) to Cabo Verde, West Afrika
1994 “Grenzmanagement” International Studio Programme, Philip Morris grant,
1995 „vacant buildings - vacant city“ Stadtentwicklung statt Zerstörung (urban development versus destruction) chamber of Architects/ Berlin
“Urbane Praxis” Berlin Senat program for the support of female artists
1996 „Urbanes Recyceln“ grant of the Arts Foundation Nordrhine-Westfalia
1997 „positive development - Erschließung eines Ortes aus kuenstlerischer Sicht“ (development of an area from an artistic perspective) Buckow/ Brandenburg, ministry/ Brandenburg
2000 " aquaplaning"- „Neue Gartenkunst“ (New garden art) as part of the Melitta grant
  „Gartenmobil“ (mobil garden) Bad Oeynhausen
„50 Jahre italienisches und deutsches Design“ (50 years of Italian and German design) Federal Hall of Art/ Bonn, with A.Kufus
2001 “recycling recyceln” (Recycling a recycling plant) concept for the transformation
of a waste disposal plant into a landscape

“Broderieparterre aus Bauschutt” (parterre de broderie with building rubble)“hell-gruen” (light green) outdoor work in the context of the EUROGA in the Düsseldorf Hofgarten.
“Werkstattverfahren” (Charrette) Olympic Games 2012/Düsseldorf, exhibition contribution on the subject of ‘landscape, open space and Rhine crossing’

2003 “dynamisches reflektieren” (dynamic reflection) carpet bedding of cat’s eye reflectors 120 sqm outdoor work as well as foyer design for Katjes Fassin in Emmerich
2004 “wir gestalten selbst ein Klassenzimmer” (designing our own classroom) secondary school Düsseldorf Oberkassel (Düsseldorf environmental prize)
“Gartenmobil/Waldgesellschaft” (garden mobile/woodland society),
“nA(R)Türlich” (nA(R)Turally) exhibition project with artificial and live plants, public space Ulm 
2005/6 Industrial monument KLÄR-WERK LÖRICK renovation and realisation of atelier- and exhibitionrooms.
" wachsed christmastrees" museum kunst palast Düsseldorf, invitation for competition submissions and acquisition of “Asphaltintarsie” (asphalt inlay) for the collection of modern Arts.
“Querregal mit Kleinplastiken” (shelve on branches with small sculpture) with A. Kufus. ART BASEL, Design Miami
2008 “Kellerfensterschrank” Museum of Art and Design Nürnberg, (cellar window cupboard) with A. Kufus
2009 “Freistoß, ein Fußball als Garten” (free kick, a football becomes a garden), an oversized
football formed in earth (soil), stones and plants, situated in the inner courtyard of the JVA Bochum (penal institution) with the prisoners' participation. 
Ministry of Culture NRW          



GLS, support of the Foundation of Sozial Live, Bochum,
„funktionale Skulpturen“ ( functional sculptures) Internetpublication
"Rollbild" (rolled print) museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf
1994 Workshop Stadtverwaltung Essen
1995 „vacant buildings/ vacant cities“, HDK Berlin Weißensee 11/95
1996 „Controlling in art“, UNI Witten-Herdecke, economic science 6/96
„Aquacultur – ecologie and art“, hall of art Düsseldorf 11/96
„urbane praxis - projects“, artist-talk, "Interflugs" HdK Berlin 11/96
„urbane path Dessau EXPO 2000“, jury                
1997 „positive development“, podiumdiscussion about the project in Buckow                    
„positive development“, FH Potsdam, „special brandenburg's projects“
1998  „future of a region“, laboratory of future on the island Hombroich
2001 „expansion of landscape instead of routes“, WDR on the area of Klaerwerk Lörick

„alternative model for a more frugal ecological upgrading of the severage plant into a reservoir of rainwater“.

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